Monday, January 8, 2018


One of my schools does eLearning days. The expectation is that our online activities take as long as a class period and they align with what we are currently doing in class. I teach K-8 Music and K-4 PE so I decided to create a Google Slide to post the videos and assignments. We use Bloomz to communicate with parents so I linked the Slide on there so parents could see their child's assignments.

Our K-4th grade teachers use a different program to upload assignments and our 5th-8th use Google Classroom. I did not want to have to do two sets of assignments, so I created a Google Slide with all assignments.

e-Learning 2018

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Piano Unit

Made with Canva

What do you do when you discover you have access to 7 pianos/keyboards, you have 9 students in 7th grade and you have a "break" before you have to start preparing for the Spring Musical? If you are like me, you decide it is the perfect time to teach Class Piano for the first time. I may be taking on too much, but I am excited about teaching my students a lifelong instrument and I hope they enjoy it. 

I see my 7th graders for 50 minutes one time a week. We will be preparing to sing at church and some other mini projects during third quarter but our main focus will be on piano. 4th-8th graders at this school are 1:1 with iPads, so I plan to use these to my advantage. I am trying more of a flipped model with videos and activities for the students to work through at their own pace. 

I don't believe in recreating the wheel, so I am using free online resources that I found. The web and YouTube are FULL of useful resources. I don't see the point in recreating something when someone else already did the work.

I created a Google Slide for my students to work through. Eventually I may tie it to Symbaloo Lesson Plans.

Monday, January 1, 2018

Teacher Bag 2018

I finally caved and became one of "those" teachers. A teacher with a bag on wheels. After breaking a nice leather bag and almost destroying a back pack, I decided it was time for an upgrade. I have to admit I am very excited to use it. Thank you to my in-laws for the Christmas Present! It was very easy to setup and it seems durable and convenient. It has many pockets for organization. Being between two schools and having three classrooms and an office, I am excited to have another option other than carrying everything. 

What do you use to organize your school materials?

365 Days of Sharing and Learning

This past year I have struggled with feeling insignificant. Significant in education seems to be  determined by awards, degrees, speaking engagements and leadership roles. One thing I love about being a teacher is that August and January give me two chances during the same school year to restart, recharge and regroup. I am excited about the opportunity to be better 2nd semester than I was during 1st semester.

One thing I am really excited about is that I have 365 days to Learn and to Share. I get to refocus and be intentional with my actions. I know that blogging everyday is not realistic for me, but I look forward to having 365 days to learn and share with those around me.

A year is what you make it and I am on a mission to make 2018 an Intentional and amazing year!

My Mission

Over Christmas Break I saw this sign in the restroom of a KwikTrip and again at the Children's Museum in La Crosse, Wisconsin in their area that is setup like a KwikTrip Store. What a great mission statement! It really got me thinking about the Mission for my life.

Their mission is "simple" and easy to evaluate. 

My Mission
​My mission is to help people. I share ideas, reflections and information with the hope of helping others.  As the name implies, this is Wren's World.  It is my world.  My world is not limited to my classroom. I am a Christian, a wife, a mom, a reader, a runner, a coach, a musician, a daughter and a friend.  This blog will touch on issues that relate to all of these areas because all of these areas touch my life.

I did not do a great job fulfilling my mission during 2017. I am glad I have another chance to get better. 

What is the mission for your life? How do you know if you are meeting your mission?

Saturday, December 30, 2017

One Word 2018

I have tried to pick "One Word" to focus my year a few times and to be honest they have not been very effective. I do well for a month or so and then I forget all about my word. Life gets busy and I forget to focus on the big picture and what I want to accomplish. In 2015 my word was Focus and in 2017 my word was Me. I have decided my word for 2018 is Intentional.

The dictionary definition:
Intentional (adj.)
1. Done on purpose, deliberately
2. By concise design of purpose
3. Performed with purpose

I have the habit of getting focused on something and letting it derail me. Usually it is how messy I think my house is or all the school work I feel I need to get done. During 2018 I want to focus on what is truly important: (my spiritual, mental and physical health), my family, my friends and my students/schools and I want to be intentional with my time and energy. I often complain about there not being enough time in a day and although I truly believe life would be easier with a 26 or 28 hour day, but I know it's not going to change. I need to be intentional with my 24 hours.

The book Chop Wood, Carry Water is a fable about being intentional during little tasks. Doing little tasks with great energy and focus. It's the routine decisions everyday that make or break our successes. Being a great mom, wife, person or teacher is not about doing one amazing act. It is about all the little decisions and actions everyday. It's about chopping wood and carrying water.
I have said many times this past year that a calendar is only helpful if I look at it. 2018 is going to be my year of focused and intentional work. I am going to follow the ALBR model that is explained in 'Own Your Future'. Act, Learn, Build, Repeat. Plan, act, learn and repeat. This requires taking the time to plan and then actually following the plan. It is process that starts with being intentional about what I am trying to accomplish.

Players to a safe and happy ending for 2017 and a wonderful beginning to 2018. 

What is your word for 2018?

Friday, December 29, 2017


I don't know if paper.lil is still the "cool" thing but I started my own paper. I quickly discovered that it is an easy way to stay up to date on news in areas that I care about: education, music and physical education.

I want to share resources and information and I want to stay current in the fields that are important to me. I am striving to share more resources and tools during 2018.
Do you have a paper.lil? Do you follow any papers?